New friction wheel rubber 60/46 mm for Lenco B20-2 and similar devices
Who does not know this? Almost all Lenco B20-2 and similar devices have the same problem: The rubber of the friction wheel is hardened, has dents or flattenings. So a reasonable synchronization is no longer possible. Here comes the solution; a new friction wheel rubber from the latest production.
The new rubber has the exact same gradations as the original. This is the only way to ensure good contact with the motor pulley.
Simply remove the old rubber, put on the new one and press it in all around. Done! But please be careful; this plastic wheel is not that stable either!
For all friction wheels with an inner diameter of 46 mm and a thickness of 4 mm. The outer diameter is approx. 60 mm.
The replacement of the friction wheel rubber belongs to every serious revision!
The friction wheel rubber costs CHF 16.- plus shipping.



36/20 mm Idler


For the smaller friction wheels with a outer diameter of 36 mm and an inner diameter of approx. 20 mm, please contact Max Aeschlimann from Rainbow electronics: